The Transhuman Hand 1.0 Introduction

The Transhuman Hand 1.0 – Spanish Version

 The Transhuman Hand 1.0 – English Version


The idea of a text like The Transhuman Handarises for several reasons. In first place from the experience of seeking information about otherkin, therianthropy, multiplicity, starseeds and walk-ins, when I began to develop the first articles for Noctalium´s version in Google Sites. Discover other special conditions different than real vampirism, was very important for me, to see how other communities exist and worked before I decided to be active in the network was a constant source of learning and inspiration, both to carry forward my site as to communicate with otherkin and therian community.

Moreover, work on different diffusion and translation projects with Golden Spirit and Jamiroth of Otherkin Hispano; Octarine Valur of House Valur; Merticus of Atlanta Vampire Alliance, and Voices of the Vampire Community, was a great experience in recent years. A learning day by day how other people think, who also work at community level; it was and is a constant challenge. I named here those with who was possible to make real the cooperation so often mentioned in The Transhuman Hand. Real people involved in real cooperation on real projects, with which of course I am very grateful.

Because this text should be considered as a consequence of positive accomplished facts: community and intercommunity work. It´s not a cause but effect of all that has been done and can continue to be made, owes its essence to many others I’ve known: The Donor Bill of Rights, The Vampiric Ethos, the Totum Lex Vampyrica, The Elven Nation Manifesto, The Otherkin Timeline, The Advanced Bonewits´ Cult Danger Evaluation Frame (ABCDEF), Real Vampire Community Animal Welfare Awareness, The Secret History of the Vampyre, Vewrs-Avewrs surveys, and many others not directly related to the aforementioned communities.

Now some clarifications:

The Transhuman Handis simply a cooperation proposal, nothing more. And not even original, because our communities meet and work together for years. The text rather emphasizes the positive in community and intercommunity work, is an open question: Hey! Wouldn´t be good to know more one to each other and continue working together? It´snot a founding manifesto of anything, nor anew ideology, belief, or philosophy to follow.

The term “transhuman” used in the text is a word to speak generically of all special conditions and people involved, and nothing more. Personally speaking, I should say that means too much more for me, but its value on a personal level is not included in the text. As far as concerns to The Transhuman Hand, is just a word that synthetize and makes easy the idea of cooperation between different individuals and communities, I think the concept is simple and easy to understand in the used context. It´s not an attempt to define, limit, or make equal different conditions. How this could be achieved simply by using a word?

I follow the good example of Beelfazar Ashantison with his Donor Bill of Rights, Atlanta Vampire Alliance with its several published texts, Octarine Valur with her Totum Lex Vampyrica; texts which I translated and published in Noctalium, as well as other examples from various people inside and outside the mentioned communities about allowing their texts to be diffused/adopted under certain conditions, in this case to do the same and allow the publication of The Hand Transhuman in other sites.

I also mentioned people who identify themselves as Multiples, Starseeds and Walk-Ins. So… Why they are not included in this first version of The Transhuman Hand? Well, because although I would include them I want to do that in a natural way and as a result of mutual understanding and exchange. I am currently looking to meet people with such conditions, but would be somewhat forced and false include them here only because I like to do it… Would they like it? They agree with the content of The Transhuman Hand? Who are they? What do they want? What exactly are their conditions? How do their communities work and their members relate? I’m still very far to say that I know enough to answer all those questions minimally, and therefore I prefer to include them once I have acquired enough knowledge on the subject.

Your opinions, criticisms and suggestions are welcome. Is there anything missing? There is something wrong? Write to me and we will talk about it.


You can read The Transhuman Hand in a pretty much better English than mine because the help of Merticus, from Atlanta Vampire Alliance. Without his help you would be suffering my poor ability to translate from Spanish to English. Once I decided to publish the text in English language I asked Merticus for help, and he generously agreed. He reviewed the entire text and made small/big changes here and there, respecting the ideas of the original but adding a lot more quality. Furthermore, he endured every one of my posts with linguistic doubts and provided good ideas for The Transhuman Hand finally had a decent English version. What can I say?

Thanks a lot, Merticus. I truly appreciate that it so easy and real to work with you. 🙂

It only remains to say that this is the introduction and explanation of the text called The Transhuman Hand, no need to post it with it, but if you want you can do so under the same conditions, and in that case I would appreciate that you included the corresponding link to Noctalium.

Thanks a lot for be a cooperative hand!


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