Directorio General


Este es un directorio general de sitios web de la comunidad de vampiros reales, otherkins, therians, walk-ins y otros.

Aarisa´s Vampire Page


alt.magick – The Elven Nation Manifesto

Armenian Vampire Resource Site

Ártemis Mortis Lux

Atlanta Vampire Alliance (House AVA) Resource Site & Forum

Aurora´s Northern Nights

Awakening Vampire

Being a Swan

Black Oaks Savannah – A Vampyre Gathering

Black Swan Haven

Black Trillium – Toronto´s Vampire Gathering

Blood and Coffee

Blood Dragon Page

By Light Unseen Resource Site

Concili Lamia Cognalis

Damn Society Dwelling Vampyres

Dark Realm

Darker Than Thou Resource Site & Forum

Darkness Embraced Vampire & Occult Society

Daz Zwielicht – German Language Resource Site & Forum


Draconity Resource Project

Drink Deeply & Dream Resource Site & Forum

Echoes of Night

Elemental Vampirism Forum

Everything Under The Moon – Spiritual and Pagan Message Board

Fallen Creations Teen Vampire Community

Gaia Online – Gaian Coven of Modern Day Vampires

Glamour Bombing Community Homepage

Hidden Truths – Paranormal Forums

House Crimson Blade

House Eclipse

House Kheperu Resource Site

House Konatus

House Lost Haven – Sacramento, CA

House Obsidian

House of Havoc

House of Ottawa

House of Sheol

House of The Dreaming

House of The Hydra

House Quinotaur

House Rosa

House Valur

Internet Sacred Text Archive

Into The Night – Czech Forum

Les Vampires

Liberi Sanguinis Luciferi – Universal Gnostic Tradition

Light Workers Home – Resource Site and Forum

Lost Children Of The Oubliette

Lupine Instincts

Manerium Lamiis – French Forum

Noctalium – Vampiros Reales y Vampirismo – Otherkins – Comunidad

Nocturnal Voice Society – Vampire and Occult Community

Ordo Sekhemu

Occult Corpus

Occult World Ledger

Other Creatures

Otherkin Alliance

Otherkin el Despertar

Otherkin Phenomena

Otherkin Hispano Harmony and Discord

Otherkin Wiki

Otherkin Wikia Vampires Section

Out Of The Coffin Podcast

Parapsychological Practitioners Society

Path of the Kherete

Pathways – A Were Resource

Post Awakening – An Awareness and Information Resource

Project Shift

Psion Guild Forums – Dedicated to Learning Psychic Abilities

Psi World Resource Site and Forum

Psychic Vampire Resource Site & Forum

Puerto Rico Yahoo Vampires Group

Real Dragón Yahoo Groups        


Sang Space – Social Networking for the Vampire/Vampyre Community

Sanguinarius – The Vampire Support Page


Shaman Nation Yahoo Group

Shifted Perspectives – The Rebirth of Psionics

Silken Shadows Vampire Community

Sobriquet – Musings of a Rabbit Therian

South African Pagan Council

South African Vampyre news

SphynxCat’s Real Vampires Support Page

Strigoi vii

Suscitatio Enterprises, LLC

antric Vampires

The Art and Writing of Scribner – Sitio Web de Orion Scribner

The Broken Coffin Resource Site & Forum

The Collective YouTube Channel

The Dark Pages

The Elenari

The Elenari – Elenari Language Dictionary

The Elfinkind Digest Intro File

The GraveYard Press – E-Zine Publication

The Groves of Annwyn

 The International Vampyre Alliance

The Loyal Order of St. Germaine

The Nibiruan Council

The Official Georgia Chapter for Bloodlines International

The Parapsychological Practicioners Society

The Real Vampire Directory – Otherkin Sites and Resources

The Sanctuary

The Secret History of the Vampyre

The South African Vampyre Culture Center (SAVCC)

The Starseed Community

The Therian Guide

The Vampire Church Resource Site & Forum

The Vampiric Community Message Board & Resource Site

The Vampirism Community eList Yahoo Group

The Veritas Society

The WereLibrary

The WEREweb

The Werewolf and Shapeshifter Codex

The Witches Voice – Witches’ Voice NeoPagan Resource & Networking Site


Therian Top 100

Therian Wilderness

Therianthrope & Otherkin Book Club

Theriantropes United

Thoughts and Musings of a Dragon – Claw Write

Twilight Gathering

Unicorn Grove

Vampire Support and Information Society

Vampyres TK

Vampyrismo – Brazilian Resource Site & Forum

Vampire at Eternal – French Forum

Vampire Zilchy YouTube Channel

Vampire Forum

Vampire Legacy Society

Vampires Among Us

Vampires Revamped Online Community

Vampiresnest – Vampire Nation

Vampires TK


Vampyrbibliothek – German Vampire Resource Site – German Resource Site

Voices of the Vampire Community (VVC)

Werelist Therian Resource Site & Forum

WereSpace – Therianthrope Social Network

Wikipedia – Otherkin

Wikipedia – User:Vashti/Otherkin

Wikia Theriantropy

Wildspeak Vilturj


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