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Re Harakhti is the founder and former administrator of Therian Wilderness website. With her we made the Therianthropy FAQ article that you can find in this page and in Otherkin Hispano. I love making interviews to introduce the people behind a website, for tell how they think, feel, and what drives them to participate in a community. Harakhti is no longer Therian Wilderness´ administrator for personal reasons, and all these months the publication of the Therianthropy FAQ and this interview were delayed for that cause. Thanks very much to Doppel, from Therian Wilderness current staff, for its collaboration to publish both texts.

And of course, a great thank you to Re Harakhti for agreeing to this interview. Stay well Harakhti, I hope you be back soon.


1- What are your earliest memories as a ‘more than human’ person?

I suppose my earliest memory would probably be around six or seven, back when I first started having dreams about being different animals. They often left me feeling different or detached from myself, which I didn’t understand originally.

I was at the age when I believed magic was possible, and that doing things as animals do would bring me closer to them.

2- When did you discover the concept of Otherkin, when did you find an explanation for what you are?

I didn’t discover the term until I started college and met a girl who was already semi-familiar with the term. It was through her that I came to understand that there were others similar to myself. Before I had the terms to look up information, I struggled to find any answers to my thoughts and feelings.

3- Have you ever felt rejection towards everything human, the desire to achieve the true form and leave everything human behind, as if it were only a bad memory?

Even people who aren’t Kin can feel rejection to/rejected by society. There have been times in my life where I haven’t been grateful for my Kinship, and times when I haven’t been respectful of who I am now. We all desire to achieve our true forms to look the same outside as we do inside.

Being human is just what we are, not who we are. To remember that is the best thing you can do for yourself, no matter what happens to your life, what you have inside you is what counts most.

4- What was your motivation for making a forum/website like Therian Wilderness? It takes a lot of time and effort…

Of the many forums I’d ever been on, something would always be missing. From something simple (like lacking protection against Trolls) to serious things like discrimination against individuals with different ideas to the majority.

As an unusual animal Kin (and more specifically Otherkin) I often felt out of place and unwelcome on many ‘realistic’ sites that accept only ‘Therianthropes’ or ‘realistic’ animals/beings.

Such sites often divide Kin using opinions of what they consider fake, fantastical or unrealistic. And I like to think that ‘Therian Wilderness’ offers the same care and consideration to all walks of life, because I know how difficult and disheartening it is to face disbelief.

5- Tell me about the otherkin/therian community in the UK… Are there many people, projects, or much activity there?

Therian Wilderness does not usually participate in the External Community, but many members of the forum are frequent on other sites and Communities. Many Therianthropes partake in ‘Fur-meets’ (Furry community gatherings) and ‘Howls’ (Kin community gatherings). There have even been talks of setting up physical residential communities for Kin. Each community will have its own events at various times, with enough participation.

6- And what about the otherkin/therian community in the UK and the mainstream media? Any outstanding experience?

The media can often be highly damaging to the Kin Community. Corporations have less interest in portraying belief systems for what they are, and more interest in producing ‘shock tv’ to bring in the money and ratings.

I have likeminded friends who have gone into media to express their beliefs, be it radio podcasting or television, and more likely than not, they are edited into the ground before use.

I have been approached to appear on shows and in radio interviews, and most likely (if there are any trusted Corps) that might happen. But it is important to maintain your integrity.

7- How do you think ‘common’ people see the idea of being otherkin/therian? Do you think a higher community exposition to the world is possible today?

As with most belief systems, I don’t think the rest of the world is particularly interested in what we believe.

Ultimately, there is no solid or sure way of knowing if we are any different from ordinary people, and because of this all we have is our belief in it and the experiences/feelings we believe relate to it.

I think it would be interesting to divulge information to the public on a larger scale, and to hear their thoughts on the ideas we put forward. But ultimately I think Spirituality should be about an individuals journey, and there is no harm in keeping it to ourselves.

We don’t need the knowledge or approval of Society to feel validated.

8- Have you found people with whom you can speak openly about being more than human? Would you like to live your life openly as otherkin? Would it be really something very different from your current life?

I do live my life openly as Otherkin. But that doesn’t mean telling every person I meet what I am, it means that I just get on with my life. I don’t put it on when I get dressed in the morning, or shed it when I take a bath, I don’t flaunt it, but I also don’t hide it.

It’s with me every step of the way. Most people who are open minded will talk about anything, even if they don’t agree with it or believe in it. I have people who know what I believe, and people who even share that belief (to some extent) but my life would probably be the same with or without people knowing, we must continue to grow no matter what, and always trust ourselves.

9- What do you like most about your community? What do you dislike? What would you change?

The Community and I have always had a love-hate relationship, as with many people who drop in and out of it.

What I love about the Community is the passion people have for what they believe, and the variety of beautiful beings and animals that there are within people. No two are the same, each individual has their own remarkable story to tell, and each journey is a personal one.

What I hate about the Community are the terrible usages of terms, misguided historical or scientific content, claiming Theory as Fact and discrimination against people who are considered ‘different’ or ‘unusual’ in Kin-type.

10- Do you have your own origin theory or agree with someone else?

Well, I cannot insist 100% that my theory is my own, of all the theories I have ever heard some parts have spoken to me, and some have seemed absurd. My theory is based upon the fractions of other theories that seem the most logical or possible to me, with my own personal ideas entwined. They have grown over time.

11- How important is to know the origin of otherkin/therian people? I mean, in your life as a more than human person… Is essential, you can live without knowing it, is something trivial…?

Firstly, I don’t believe all Therian/Otherkin have the same origins. But I do think it is important to question where you came from, why, and what you want to do with that knowledge.

If you discover your origins, it can better help you to understand where you need to be going in the future, or why things have turned out the way they are.

12- I’ve met people who believe in the existence of the human soul but not in the soul of animals… I always thought that there is some vanity in it, something like “human beings have souls because we are superior to animals.” What do you think about it?

I see the soul purely as energy and it’s that energy which causes and drives an individual to exist, just like the body drives us to live and our genes drive us to continue our genetic line. All things in the Universe are connected, physical matter and metaphysical energy. Religion has glorified the ‘soul’ to make it more magical and less practical, but human beings are certainly not different from (or superior to) animals, they are animals.

13- How is your daily life as administrator of a website/forum? Daily life as a human being makes it difficult? Do you live it like two completely separate lives?

As mentioned in previous question, I don’t tend to have a divide between my ‘daily life’ and my ‘Otherkin life’.

Both parts of my life are filled with people, the only thing that changes are the topics we talk about.

At work, I talk about  ’work’ things, with my partner/friends I talk about ‘life’ things, and on the forum I talk about ‘spiritual’ things, but all of those things are me. If you are living it as two separate lives you can never be truly happy, or truly be yourself. We are a mix of everything we experience.

14- What advice would you give to someone who wants to organize a space on the net about otherkin and therianthropy? What has to be and not in a space as a forum/blog/website on these topics?

The only advice I could give would be to;

Never state opinion as fact,

Stay true to what you believe, but respect others.

Aspire to be knowledgeable and informative, understanding and helpful.

Keep an open mind, but guide the misguided.

Protect what you have made, and those who share it with you.

15- What projects you have for Therian Wilderness in the future?

We currently don’t have any projects lined up, but in future (depending on input) perhaps a ‘Howl’ (gathering) of T.W members.

16- What would you say to a person who meets his/her own feelings and emotions about being more than human for the first time? What would you say to the Re Harakhti who years ago went through the same experience?

That’s a very good question. Having gone through about ten years without advice or information about what I was experiencing I can understand how difficult and depressing it can be to have no guidance. And to the people who are experiencing that right now (and to myself) I would say to;

Face your thoughts and feelings head on, when everything becomes too much or too confusing just remember how far you’ve come in your life, and look forward to all the things yet to come. You will be amazed how much you have left to learn about yourself, and the people along the way who make sharing the knowledge worthwhile.



Therian Wilderness


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